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Sports Premium Funding

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


What is the Sports Premium?


The Government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15 and 2015/16 to provide new, substantial primary sport funding.  This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all children.  The sport funding can only be spent in sport and PE provision in schools.


How are we using the Sports Funding?


At Holy Cross Catholic Primary School we believe Physical Education (PE) and sport play an important role in school life for every pupil and through PE and sport our children learn to develop the important qualities of discipline, resilience, communication, team work and ambition, leading to improved concentration, attitude and academic achievement. We want children to develop a lifelong and positive attitude towards sport; we want them to understand that no ability level is fixed.


Each school receives extra sports funding through Sports Pupil Premium: £7,535 plus £5 per 5-11 year old pupil; at Holy Cross we received £8,962 in 2014-15. We used it to purchase the silver package of School Sport Support. This helped to:  improve confidence amongst staff in the delivery of high quality PE lessons across the school through coaching and modelling lessons, ensure children have a very good understanding of healthy lifestyles eg. through Change4Life as well as funding a before-school Multi-Skills Club and an after-school football club and Play Leaders sessions. These are additional to the school football and netball clubs. We feel this is the most effective and efficient way for the funding to have a long lasting and positive effect on future learning and the physical development of children within our school.


Sports Premium Funding Outcomes 2014-15


Activity/Project Objective Outcome
CPD and Teacher Training To improve the quality of P.E teaching. Members of staff from Year 1 – 6 have been provided with the opportunity to work alongside the Thurrock SSCO during PE lessons. The SSCO has continued to provide an insight to pupil led lessons, age related activities and how to show progression of skills across a series of lessons. Class teachers and the PE coordinator have also received training from the SSCO regarding learning and teaching, progression and assessment. The impact of the SSCO support has also been identified in planning. Staff are more confident in delivering appropriate P.E lessons with the majority of teaching being good or better. The SSCO also supported our NQT in developing teaching skills for P.E.
Young Play Leaders Young Leaders Award: Develop coaching skills for children to lead lunch and break time activities. Year 5 children worked alongside a member of the SSCO to develop their understanding of various sports. The skills developed by the pupils were  shared with KS1 pupils in pupil led activities
Chelsea FC  Sports/Games Coaching To provide lunchtime and after school clubs that promote physical activity and healthy living. Increase the percentage of all children in the school that participate in school sports clubs (KS2). There was an increase in children choosing to participate in additional sports activities.
Competition Sport: Football and Netball




Increase range of P.E. resources

Host competitive sports matches and competitions within the school, and against other schools in the borough.


Purchase a variety of balls: tennis, netball, foam, bocce, shot balls; javelins, hockey sticks.

Competitive Sports: Holy Cross Primary hosted a range of league and friendly games for  the School Netball Team.  The Boys football team took part in the Deanery Football Tournament and the Netball team competed in the SSCO Tournament and league.


Following advice from SSCO, a wider range of equipment was purchased to extend opportunities to develop pupils’ skills.


P.E Commitment


The Headteacher and PE co-ordinators are committed to ensuring that all children receive at least 2 hours of high quality well-planned PE per week delivered by confident and well trained teachers. The successful delivery of the curriculum supports all aspects of health education within the school. Monitoring of lessons ensures they are planned and delivered to a high quality, guaranteeing both pupil achievement and enjoyment. The school holds sports days, during which children take part in a variety of events they may not have tried before and this culminates in traditional competitive races.


Through the local School Sports Partnership (SSP), the school takes part in competitions as well as those organised by other agencies, such as the Catholic Deanery events. Other agencies are used to enhance the variety of extra-curricular activities available, for example Chelsea FC. run a football club. Talented children are signposted to local clubs and events to encourage them to develop their skills. They also take part in annual programmes organised by the SSP.


Primary school experiences are pivotal to the children’s future perception of physical activity and the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the children at Holy Cross is testament to the passion and dedication of all staff. Children leave the school equipped to enjoy sport for all its health and social benefits. For those who relish the competitive element, they gain the skills, confidence and relevant experience to succeed at their chosen level and discipline.

Sports Premium Allocation 2015-16 (£10,060)


Activity/Project Objective
Thurrock SSP Silver Package •           Entry into all School Sport partnership competitions throughout the year including those not part of the School games such as all Key Stage 1 competitions.


•           Co-ordination/support of the Change4Life Club programme.

•           Coordination/support of Energy Club

•           Free access to all CPD courses run through Thurrock SSP (including: Safety in PE, Sports specific development courses, dance, gymnastics )

•           Entry into the Primary Dance Festival at The Thameside Theatre.

•           1 staff inset session per school (bespoke to need-Dance).

•           Co-ordination of area High 5 Netball league.

•           Playground Leader Training (3 sessions per school over lunchtimes) Year 2 and 6.

•           All medals, trophies and certificates at events and Festivals.

Includes annual TSSA subscription.

•           Places for your students on all Gifted and Talented programmes – 2 per academic year.

•           1 lunchtime sports club per week *

•           1 before or after school club per week *

•           2 hours curriculum delivery per week *


Dance mode dance club Funded places in Spring and  Summer term for KS1 and KS2 pupils