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Holy Cross Catholic

Primary School

Building relationships with God and each other,
working hard in faith and hope to give our best in all things.

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Building relationships with God and each other,
working hard in faith and hope to give our best in all things.

Year 3 Home Learning Friday 27th November

Hello Year 3!  I know you all want to be in school, but we need to stay safe at the moment.  All of your work for today is below.  Remember to get your grown up to take a picture of it and email it to


If you do not have access to a computer or need any help with home learning during this period, please email


English (1 hour)

L/O: to write a persuasive letter

Write a letter to Mrs Power to persuade her that the class needs a lion as a pet.  Use your research of lions that you have already completed in class to help your write the letter.

Remember to include:

Your address

Who the letter is to

An introduction - why are you writing the letter.

3 or 4 reasons why you should have a lion as a class pet using your research or the internet.

A conclusion - what would you like Mrs Power to do.

Who the letter is from.


Guided Reading (30min)

L/O: to write a character description

Read a chapter of a book you have at home.  Then draw picture of the main character and describe them.  What do they look like?  What are they wearing?  Where are they? What is happening to them?


Maths (1 hour)

Try and answer the questions below.  Give it a go, don't worry if you get stuck.



Year 3 P.E - try this at home safely



Collect as many of these items as you can from around your house and then take a photo of you with all the objects and email it to


  1. Find something with the Letter “A”
  2. Find something that is Blue
  3. Find something that is round
  4. Find something that has wheels
  5. Find something that starts with the letter “B”
  6. Find something that is orange
  7. Find something with a cardboard roll in middle
  8. Find a foot warmer with hole in
  9. Find something begins with letter “c”
  10. Find something that Floats
  11. Find something that is Yellow
  12. Find a blue pen
  13. Find a Battery
  14. Find a mouse
  15. Find a vessel to hold liquid
  16. Find something begins with Letter g
  17. Find something from a cow
  18. Find something with 4 legs to support your weight
  19. Find a Coin bronze in colour
  20. Find some holiday memories
  21. Find something that turns on and off.
  22. Find something that lights up.
  23. Find something that tells the time.
  24. Find something that is sticky.
 Find something alive