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R.E. Today we will read Romans 8: 22-28 then explain why we should go out and spread the Good News.

The Holy Spirit helps us in our lives. St Paul wrote to the Christians living in Rome when they were getting ready for his visit. He was encouraging them because it was quite difficult being a Christian at that time. He told them how the Holy Spirit helps people. This what he said:

We don’t always find it easy to be good, to do the right thing, but it is our aim in life and like the Christians living in Rome we can ask God’s Holy Spirit to help us, so we can pass on the Good News by our kindness and goodness. We can think of people who are good and kind who show us the good news of God’s love.

Here are some questions to discuss: 

  •  How can we help each other do what is right?
  • How will the Holy Spirit help us?
  • Name some of the people you think pass on the Good News in their lives? (It may be saints or people in our families or our friends.)
  • If we act as God wants us to, what would the world be like? Why?

Task: Write a letter to a friend and describe and give reasons why we you should ‘go out’ to tell everyone the Good News? Make a promise to your friends to show how you will try to spread the Good News about Jesus. For example you could promise to say ‘Hello’ to someone you don’t play with or show how you can play well with friends. Maybe you will show your appreciation during this time by making a rainbow for keyworkers and display it n your window.

You could also write a prayer. 

Here is an example: