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Phonics - This week we will revise the 'or' grapheme that gives the /er/ sound.

Remember: The 'or' grapheme sometimes makes /er/sound.  Below you will find a PowerPoint  that reminds you of some words that has the /er/  phoneme.  Please go through the powerpoint before completing Day 3 activity.

 I have attached this week's daily paper based phonics activities again.  Once you have gone through the PowerPoint, complete Day 3 activity - Cloze procedure activity, magic partners and high frequency words.  For the cloze procedure activity, make sure you read the sentences carefully before filling in the missing words.

English - This week we focus on transitioning to year 3.

Please go through the explanation attached below. Today you will focus on and celebrate all your achievements in year 2.  The activity sheet is also attached.

Maths - L.O. To measure in litres

R.E. - L.O. : To understand that God's world is a precious treasure.
Today we will look at some of God's treasures. Look at the picture below:

The heavens are telling the glory of God. It starts at one end of the sky and goes across to the other. Nothing can hide from its heat.   God’s world is a precious treasure which means that we should do all we can to preserve and look after it.


Below you will find some statements.   As you read each statement, think about: Is this what God wants? If the answer is yes, God wants then it is a  treasure and if the answer is no, God does not then it is 'rubbish'.

Read them then tell your adult/brother/sister if they are 'rubbish' or 'treasure'.


•    The fish swim in the seas, the tigers roar in the jungles and the stars twinkle in the sky.
•    These trees look useful, I could chop down one or two of these to burn on a fire and keep me warm.
•    People are peaceful and happy.
•    The plants grow, the flowers open and the birds sing in the trees.
•    Use both sides of a piece of paper.
•    People have quarrels and angry words.
•    Catch lots of fish to eat and if there are some left over I could throw them away.
•    Turn the tap off when I am brushing my teeth.
•    Have a long soak in a bath full of water twice a day.
•    Remember to switch things off when I’ve stopped using them.
•    Have a picnic and leave the rubbish for someone else to clean up.
•    Think about other people; share your money and the things you own.