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Phonics - To revise the 'a' grapheme that gives the /o/ sound.

Remember: The letters 'a' grapheme sometimes make /o/sound.  Below you will find a video that reminds you of some words that has the /o/  phoneme.  Did you spot where we will usually find this sounds? Was it at the beginning, middle or end?

I have attached this week's daily paper based phonics activities again.  Once you have watched the video, complete Day 2 activity - Grammar machines.  Think about:

  • which suffix do we add to verbs to change them to the continuous present tense.
  • which suffix do we add to words to change them form a singular (one) noun to a plural (more than one)?

English - This week we will continue to look at our book: Meerkat Mail.

Please go through the explanation attached below. Today's fact file plan template, links about meerkats and a powerpoint about meerkats are also attached.

Maths - To apply my understanding of time to answer questions.

History - To present a documentary about Meerkats in the style of David Attenborough.

Today will pay close attention to David Attenborough's style when he narrates documentaries. 

Watch video 1 then video 2.

How are they different?  How are they the same?


Sir David Attenborough is known for his documentaries and his signature voice.  He takes his time and engages the listeners and gives them time to look and observe what is happening.  He also gives a lot of factual information about the topic he is presenting.

Task - You are going  present a documentary on on meerkats.  Use the work that you did in English to help you. Your documentary must be in the style of David Attenborough.

Please send me video.  It would be great to see and hear your presentation.

David Attenborough 1

David Attenborough 2