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Phonics - This week we will revise the /ey/ phoneme.

Remember: The letters 'ey' make the long e (ee) sound.  Below you will find a video that reminds you of some words that has the /ey/  phoneme.  Did you spot where we will usually find this sounds? Was it at the beginning, middle or end?

I have attached this week's daily paper based phonics activities again.  Once you have watched the video, complete Day 2 activity - Grammar machines.  Think about: which suffix do we add to words that end with the /ey/ phoneme to change them form a singular (one) noun to a plural (more than one)?

Phonics - To revise the /ey/ sound.

English - Today we will use our mind maps from yesterday to help us write our setting description.


  • Watch the video below. While you are watching the clip, look at what the meerkats are doing, what senses they are using and what they can see. Stop the video at 1:20. 
  • When you have finished watching the video, please go through the explanation attached below.  You will also find out about what today's activity is. 

Guided Reading - Go through the explanations then answer the questions in your book.

Maths - To describe movement turns. Watch the video before completing the paper based activity.

R.E. - L.O. : To take part in a liturgy.

Below is a beautiful liturgy that bring our topic to an appropriate end.  Please watch and join in then have a quiet, reflective time with God.  When the liturgy is finished, say a prayer in heart to God.

Children's Liturgy - 12th Sunday Ordinary Time - More precious than sparrows

God takes care of the birds and Jesus tells us that we are more important to God than the birds. We never need to worry as God will always take care of us!