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English -

Today we will read the final chapter of 'Following in Darwin's footsteps'.  Make on Charles Darwin.  Please remember that these notes will help you on Thursday and Friday when you'll be writing your report on him.


Read chapter 8- Darwin's bid ideas.  This is the text for Guided Reading.  Add any interesting new fact in you notebook. You also need to answer the first three questions in your notebook. 

Guided Reading - Again, you might want to take turns reading the text with your adult/brother/sister. You need to answer the first three questions in your notebook then discuss the rest of the questions with your adult/brother/sister.

Maths - L.O: To apply my knowledge of my 10 times-table

R.E. - L.O. : To begin to understand being sorry and forgiveness.

The friends of Jesus asked him about forgiving people who had hurt them. Peter thought it would be good to forgive them seven times and that would be quite hard to do. Peter was surprised when Jesus told him that you have to keep on forgiving, but he did say  that the person who had done wrong should say sorry and really mean it. Let us read what Jesus told Peter in St. Matthew 18: 21-22  about forgiving:

 Some questions: 

  1. How do you think Peter felt when he heard what Jesus had to say?
  2. How do you feel?
  3. How do you make up with others after something has gone wrong? 
  4. How do you feel when you realise you have to keep forgiving?



Listen to (and join in) the song below then complete writing task also attached below.

Freely, Freely with Lyrics by Maranatha

Music - Have fun today singing 'The Bear Necessities'.