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Holy Cross Catholic

Primary School

Building relationships with God and each other,
working hard in faith and hope to give our best in all things.

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Building relationships with God and each other,
working hard in faith and hope to give our best in all things.


Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


Well done.  We have complete our 'Addition and Subtraction' block.  This will help us in all our future blocks so, remember to keep applying the skills that you have learnt at home, when you go shopping with an adult - everywhere where you can!


Today we will apply what we have learnt in our  'Addition and Subtraction' block.

Please complete the paper based activity attached below. Please complete this as independent as possible.  I have also attached the answer.


Today,  we will begin to write our own information piece. We will focus on the introduction and identification only.

Click on the link below for today's lesson.


Today we will begin to focus on the alternative trigraph /are/ for the phoneme /air/. 

Please listen to the video by clicking the link to hear today's sound.


  1. Look at the picture below.
  2. Read all the words with the 'air' trigraph.
  3. Next read all the words with the 'are' trigraph.
  4. Tell your adult/brother/sister about what you notice: would you find the 'eer' grapheme at the beginning, middle or end of a word/syllable?
  5. Complete today's activity attached below.

Guided Reading

  1. You will need to log into your account on Oxford Reading Buddy. 
  2. Find our  non - fiction book for this week 'Beaks and feet' by Mick Manning and Brita Granström.
  3. Read pages 12 - 15 only. Remember that you can also listen to the story by pressing the 'play' button.
  4. Once you have finished, answer the following questions in full sentences and please remember your full stops.

Australian Pelican

  1. What is a pelican’s beak called?
  2. What do pelicans eat?
  3. What are pelican’s feet a good shape for?
  4. What is a group of pelicans called?
  5. What are baby pelicans born without?
  6. How do baby pelicans stay safe from predators?


Creative task: Design a new front cover for this book. Don’t forget to put the title, authors name and your name as illustrator. 


L.O. : To explain why the Bible is an important book to Christians. To sort stories as being in the Old or New Testament.


Click on the link: for today's lesson.

After this, complete the activity below.  The pictures for sorting are also attached.