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English - L.O. To make notes about Charles Darwin - The Discoverer

Today, you are going to continue to make notes on Charles Darwin.   Read chapter 3 - Darwin the Discoverer.  This is the text for Guided Reading.  Add any interesting new fact in you notebook. You also need to answer the first three questions in your notebook.

Remember to also glue any leaves, seeds petals etc. that you found from yesterday's 'get inquisitive' activity in your notebook.


Guided Reading - Again, you might want to take turns reading the text with your adult/brother/sister. You need to answer the first three questions in your notebook then discuss the rest of the questions with your adult/brother/sister.

Maths - Today you are going to apply what you have learnt about measure to answer some questions. After you have completed the paper based activity, log on to Purple Mash and complete the activity that I have set for you. Why not have some fun measuring different object around your house/classroom and use the language of 'taller than', 'longer than' and 'shorter than' to compare them?

R.E. - L.O. : To write a list of good and bad choices and explain why are either a bad or good choice.

On Monday, we looked at the Ten Commands. God gave these 'rules' to Moses a long time ago but they are still very important today.  We also learnt that God wants us to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and one another. Sometimes there are occasions when we purposely break important rules about loving. When something bad is done on purpose, that we know will upset or hurt someone, that is called a ‘sin’. When we purposely don’t do something that we know we should do and know that it will hurt or upset someone, that, too, is a sin. A sin breaks our friendship with God and others and makes us feel bad. When we sin God stills love us, just as our parents love us but they do not like what we do.

Read this story:

Quiet Refelction:

Think back on the story and think about these questions: What can the sisters  do if things need to be put right? What might Phoebe/Chloe and Mum do next time? These are basic steps in examination of conscience.

After having your own quiet reflectime time discuss the following questions with your adult/brother/sister:

  • What is the difference between doing things accidentally and doing them on purpose?
  • What happens when we sin, when we do bad things on purpose?
  •  What rules did Chloe break?
  • Do you think that Chloe’s action was a sin?
  •  What do you think of Chloe?
  • How do you think she felt?
  •  How would you have felt if you had been Phoebe?
  • Why do you think Chloe’s Mum loved her in spite of what she had done?
  • What do you think Chloe’s Mum should do?


Make a table with the headings 'Good choices' and 'Bad Choices'.  Write at least five good choices and at least five bad choices.  After writing you good and bad choices, choose one bad choice and explain why it was a bad choice.

Have fun exploring the outdoors! What creepy-crawlies will you spot today?