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Wednesday 1st July

English - Read Wednesday's instructions and visit Purple Mash

Spelling - Complete the handwriting worksheet, which is attached above.


Guided Reading - Choose a guided reading activity from the document attached above. This activity should be based on the chapter you read on Monday. 

Lesson 2 - Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places

Today in History, you are going to learn about The Windrush, which disembarked at Tilbury Dock. Please read the Powerpoint attached above.


Task - Use an atlas or Google maps to complete the activities on your map.


The Journey of SS Windrush

1. Use your atlas/Google Maps to locate and label the town and country where SS Empire Windrush started its journey.

2. Use your atlas/Google Maps to locate and label the countries which SS Empire Windrush passed on the journey to Tilbury, England.

3. Label the ocean the SS Empire Windrush crossed.

4. Use your atlas/Google Maps to label the town and country where SS Empire Windrush docked.


Challenge - Use the internet to find out key facts about the countries already located and labelled. Key facts: population, language, currency, Head of State, climate, exported goods, imported goods.