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Wednesday 17th June

maths - White Rose

Good morning St Jude, here are your lessons for the day:

English - today you are going to write your letter to Mrs Power persuading her to let us have a v3ending machine.  Your letter should have 5 paragraphs.  Paragraph 1 is the introduction, paragraphs 2,3 and 4 and your three reasons why Mrs Power should let us have a vending machine and paragraph 5 is the conclusion.

Maths - please see White Rose math

Guided reading  - Oxford Reading Tree

Handwriting - please complete a page from your handwriting booklet

R.E. - 

L. O. The meaning of sin and the examination of life (conscience).


Christians try to live as Jesus lived.  Explain that choosing wisely is important.  There are some things that will help in making a good choice:


  • to pray and ask for help.
  • to get advice from someone you trust and know makes good choices.
  • to think about the possible consequences of the choices.  
  • will it have a good effect on yourself and on others?


Many Christians pray every day for the help they need to make good choices.  Every day, usually before going to sleep, many Christians ‘examine their life’ (‘conscience’).  This means that they think about what has happened during the day and how they have tried to be the kind of person that God who loves them, wants them to be.  They think about what they have done during the day – the good choices they have made for which they say thank you, and the bad choices for which they are sorry.  The wrong choices which are done on purpose are sins – that is something that spoils or breaks friendship with God and with other people.  Sin is anything that breaks God’s law of love.  It is always something that has been done on purpose, not accidentally, or it is something we should do and purposely do not do it.  This is the process of examining your life, conscience.


  1. When would be a good time to examine your life (conscience)?
  2. How do you think this helps you?
  3. How would you describe a sin?
  4. How would you know your action was good or wrong?
  5. How would you set about putting it right?
  6. Think of ways in which you can make amends for your wrong choices.


  • Write an explanation on how to make good choices, including what it means to examine your life (conscience).
  • Read this prayer which asks for help and guidance: pray it with actions. Look at each line, give examples of how this prayer helps to examine life (conscience)


Holy Spirit, you are with us when we choose.                                                                                               For our good choices and the joy of making them, we thank you.                                                            For the joy they bring us and others, we thank you.
For our wrong choices, we are sorry.
                                                                                                              For the hurt we have done to others, we are sorry.                                                                                      Help us to take time to think about the consequences of our choices.                                                      We ask you to help and guide us.  Amen.