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Wednesday 15th July

English power point

math worksheet

R.E. powerpoint

Good morning, my lovely St Jude.  Only 3 more days left.  Keep working hard until the end of the week.  Please send in photos of you at home so we can put them on the home page. We are still waiting for you to send in your Sports Day scores.  Here are your lessons for today:

English - We are going to focus on the use of commas in our writing today.  In year 4 you will be expected to give more detail in your writing so these lessons will really help.  Look at the power point and then complete the worksheet.

Maths - please complete the White Rose Worksheet and look at the tutor video to help you.

Guided Reading - Oxford Reading Tree

Handwriting -  please complete a page of your handwriting booklet.

Times Tables - please complete Times Tables Rock Stars.  You will be sitting a test at the end of year 4 to test you on your tables.

R.E. -   L.O. - Special places for the Christian community.


Look at the power point on pilgrmage


Many countries around the world have their own places of pilgrimage.


The Holy Land – Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem). Display the pictures, talk about the meaning of pilgrimage and pilgrim. Explain that there are places of pilgrimage in England and Wales, which the children can research further. For example:


  • Our Lady’s shrine at Walsingham in Norfolk. This shrine honours the Annunciation and was one of the greatest shrines for Christians in medieval times – when travel to the Holy Land was very difficult.
  • Our Lady of the Taper is the national Catholic shrine of Wales. It is in Cardigan. A legend describes how a statue of Mary was found about one thousand years ago by the side of the river Teifi. The statue was of Mary with Jesus on her lap and a candle (taper) burning in her hand.
  • St Winefride’s Well in Holywell, North Wales, centres round a holy woman called Winefride who lived in the 7th century. She became a saint and her well at Holywell has been a place of pilgrimage and healing since that time.

Part of a pilgrimage to a special place is that it reminds people how important it is to pray and take time to think about what is important in their lives.


Task - On the internet,  research one site of Christian pilgrimage – they could choose a ‘local’ site of pilgrimage or a site from somewhere else in the world.