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Wednesday 10th June

English - Read Wednesday's instructions and visit Purple Mash

Spelling - Complete the handwriting worksheet, which is attached above.


Guided Reading - Choose a guided reading activity from the document attached above. This activity should be based on the chapter you read on Monday. 


History 1
History 2

In History today, we are going to look at Tilbury Fort during WWI. Please read the following piece of text. Your task is written below the piece of reading.


Tilbury Fort during World War One

Tilbury Fort is the best example of a star shaped bastion fort of the late 17th century, it has earlier phases of fortification dating back to 1539 when Henry VIII built a Block house here, the 17th century fort was modified in Victorian times to mount Rifled Muzzle Loading Ordnance and again modified during the 1903 upgrading of forts and during the 2nd World War.


Prior to the Great War, Tilbury Fort was a "Mobilisation Store". The accommodation was controlled by the Army Ordnance Department, specifically for storing "mobilisation" equipment for the 4th and 5th Divisional Horse Artillery, and under the administration of an Ordnance Officer Mobilisation.


When hostilities broke out in 1914, its job was realised as the immediate issue of various equipment to the units soon emptied the sheds within the parade ground. Infantry troops drafted to the fort were then being "Barracked" in these sheds and the magazines. By 1915 the place was a mass of activity, including the Belgium Re-mount Depot (preparing horses for army use) had been established besides the "World's End" Public House. Anti-aircraft gun defences were set up, protecting the fort and nearby Tilbury Docks alongside after a successful penetrative Zeppelin bombing raid, recorded by the Commanding Officer on the night of 4th / 5th June, which saw bombs dropped on Chatham, Gravesend and Tilbury!


Task - I would like you to create a piece of art(drawing, painting etc), which shows what the piece of highlighted text, at the end of this reading, is explaining. Think about what key things, which have been mentioned, that you would have to include in your piece of art. I would love to see your artistic creations so please send them to the Year 5 email when you have completed it.