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Tuesday 5th July

maths worksheet

examples of calligrams

power point on calligrams ( shape poems)

Good morning St Jude, thank you to all of you for working so hard at home. I'm so proud of you all.  Here are your lessons for today:

English - Today you are going to look at another form of poetry called Calligrams ( shape poems)

Look at the power point

You could write about the sun, holidays, beaches, palm trees it’s your choice but your poem should be in the shape of what you're writing about.  I would draw out the lines first and then fill the lines in with the words.  These will look beautiful when they are completed.  Let's make this a competition and I will post the winner on the class page.
Start by creating a list of adjectives/feelings which you think of when you see the image.
Then try putting them into short descriptive phrases.
Next try forming them into detailed lines of a poem.
Finally try writing them to look like the object.
Design your calligram using words: Sunshine, bright, warm, yellow, glowing
Design your calligram using phrases/short sentences:
Bright, warm sunshine.
The sun glows yellow.
Design your calligram using detailed lines:
Glowing yellow in the sky, the sunshine feels warm on my skin.
Can you include adverbs too?

How can you present your poem on the page?
How could you decorate or colour it?

Maths - please see White Rose maths worksheet and tutor video

Guided reading - Oxford Reading Tree

Times Tables - please log on to Times Tables Rock Stars.  Remember next year you will all have a national test on your times tables and we really want you to do well.

Science - Today you are going to look at animals and their different skeletons.  This is a fun activity.  Please see the attached worksheet.


Please email your work so we can put it on the class page.