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Phonics - This week we will revise the /ey/ phoneme.

Remember: The letters 'ey' make the long e (ee) sound.  Below you will find a video that reminds you of some words that has the /ey/  phoneme.  Can you remember where we will usually find this sounds? Is at the beginning, middle or end?

I have also attached the week's daily phonics activities.  There are four pages.  You need to complete one each day. Once you have watched the video, complete Day 1 activity.

Phonics - To revise the /ey/ sound.

English - Today we will read our new book: Meerkat Mail.

Please go through the explanation attached below.  You will also find out about what today's activity is.

Maths - To describe turns. Watch the video before completing the paper based activity.

Science - Please go through the explanation before completing the paper based activity.