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English -

Today we will read the rhyming poem 'Dad you're not a dancer'. 


  • Go through the PowerPoint attached.
  • Think of adjectives to describe your dad then write a rhyming poem about him.


You can be as silly as you like.


You will also find a modelled poem that I have written to help you.  Remember to write in neat, cursive handwriting.


We will be making a Father’s Day card on Friday, so you can use your poem as an insert for your card.  You don’t have to decide to use this one as we will be writing different inserts each day for you to choose from.

Guided Reading - Today we will continue reading 'The Little Gingerbread Fox' by Jean Evans. Again, you will find questions on each slide. Please discuss these with your adult/brother/sister. There is no need to write down the answers although you can if you would like to.

Phonics - We are still revising our /o/ sound. Today we are using our /o (u)/ sound to draw and describe lots of items. Listen to the video we used yeaterday then complete the paper based activity

Today we will apply what we have learnt about Multiplication and Division to help us answer questions.

Science - Please go through the explanation before completing the paper based activity.