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Good morning St. Anthony,

Well done on your hard work yesterday.

Remember you are doing a great job!

Keep up the good work and have a terrific Tuesday!

English - L.O. To make notes about Charles Darwin

Today, you are going to watch and listen to a video about Charles Darwin. The video will remind you about some of the things you learnt about him yesterday.  You will also learn some new information.  As you learn new information, pause the video and write them down in your notebook that you made yesterday. 

After watching and listening to the video, you will then have Guided Reading. Read chapter 2 - Darwin the lookout.  Add any interesting new fact in you notebook.


Please click on the link below for the video.


GUided Reading - Again, you might want to take turns reading the text with your adult/brother/sister. You need to answer the first three questions in your notebook then discuss the rest of the questions with your adult/brother/sister.

Maths - L.O. Problem Solving.

Science - Please go through the explanation before completing the paper based activity.

Have fun exploring the great outdoors!