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Tuesday 19th May

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Have a tremendous Tuesday!  Have fun and remember to email in your work.  Looking forward to seeing all you house scavenger hunt competition entries.



This week we are going to continue our  focus on our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) and how we use this in our writing.  You will have some GPS tasks to complete and then a short writing task.  We are focusing on short writing, but we with the correct grammatical structures.


If you don’t know what the question is asking, use the grammar glossary below to help you.

Guided Reading

Read the text below and answer the questions in full sentences.  

You can also read a chapter of a book (you are year 4 you should be reading chapter books) or use a reading text on Purple Mash or Oxford Reading Buddy. 


You do not need to print the worksheets, you can answer them in your books or on paper.


Today we are going to look at symmetry, translations and reflections of shapes.  To help you first go to the link below about symmetry

Then use the second link to look at translations.



May is the month of Mary.  Mary was brave, caring, smart, full of faith, kind and loving.  Write a prayer for Mary using those words.  Then use the prayer service link below to hold your own prayer service to celebrate the month of Mary and include your prayer in it.

Purple Mash

If you want to do any extra work, then you can use Purple Mash.  When you log into Purple Mash click on the weekly activities on the right hand side.  Then click on ages 7-9.  When you go into this folder, click on week 7 

Then you can complete the activities for Tuesday.


Stay alert, stay safe!  Mrs Westrop & Mrs Renoldi King