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Tuesday 16th June

English - Read Tuesday's instructions and visit Purple Mash

Spelling - Complete the spelling worksheet, which is attached above.


Guided Reading - Use a dictionary or Google to identify any unfamiliar words from the chapter you read yesterday and write their meanings out. 

Maths Lesson Video

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In today's RE lesson, you have three pieces of text to read. A piece of Scripture, which is based on Amos 5:14-15, a Church's Story about The Sacrament of Reconciliation and another document, showing The Act of Contrition. Please read all three documents and then answer and discuss:


  • In which ways can we do wrong by doing nothing?
  • How does Amos tell us to live in the Scripture?
  • In the Act of Contrition, what promise are we making to God?
  • Why is it sometimes difficult to keep this promise?
  • What should we do if we break this promise?


Task - Using examples from home, school and the wider community discuss examples of times when you and others have been called upon to act, rather than stand back and do nothing. Write out the reasons for your actions linked to religious teaching, for example, the Commandments and Beatitudes.



PE With Joe | Tuesday 16th June

Your PE Lesson for today