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Thursday 9th July

Good Morning on this thinking Thursday.  Don't forget to email your work to  


Today we would like you to read Chapter 5 I, Kensuke  (the book as a pdf document is attached above).


Reading helps us to learn new vocabulary.  In chapter 5 you would have come across the following vocabulary: diminutive    gesticulate    harangue    hackles    rake    reluctant    marooned    ravenous    resign   lurk     deter    glimpse    suppurate    profile


Use a dictionary (or google) to write down the meaning of each of these words or phrases and any other new words you have come across.


Now answer the following questions in full sentences, referring to the text in your answer.  This should take you around 30-40 minutes.


  1. How does Stella react to Kensuke?
  2. What does Kensuke draw in the sand and why?
  3. What is Michael’s ‘recurring nightmare’?
  4. What does Kensuke provide to help Michael sleep?
  5. Why does Michael feel ‘betrayed’ by Stella.
  6. How does Michael feel about his first meeting with Kensuke?
  7. Why does Michael decide to accept Kensuke’s terms?
  8. Who is the most powerful character at this point?
  9. What word choices show us Michael’s misery at night time?
  10. Is ‘dejected’ a good word to describe Michael’s feelings? Why?
  11. Do you think Michael should trust Kensuke?
  12. What would you like to find out about Kensuke?
  13. What do you think might be the main differences between Michael and Kensuke’s life so far?


Often in writing a story, the author presents a series of problems for which the main character has to find solutions. Write 3 of the problems Michael faced and the solutions he found for these problems.


We are now halfway through the book?  Are you enjoying it?  Is it hard work?  This is what you will need to get used to in Year 5.



This week we are looking at angles, triangles and quadrilaterals following on from the work we did last term.  Watch the video and then complete the worksheet.

Year 4 - Week 11 - Lesson 4 - Quadrilaterals

This is "Year 4 - Week 11 - Lesson 4 - Quadrilaterals" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


We are continuing with out cooking.  This week we are making Carrot and Apple Muffins.  Remember you need to do this with an adult, especially when using the oven.  


Next week we will have a picnic and you can make all the things you have made over the last few weeks - lemonade, sandwiches, muffins, cheese straws, victoria sponges.

Purple Mash

If you want to do any extra work, then you can use Purple Mash.  When you log into Purple Mash click on the weekly activities on the right hand side.  Then click on ages 7-9.  When you go into this folder, click on week 11

Then you can complete the activities for Thursday.


Stay alert, stay safe!  Mrs Westrop & Mrs Renoldi King