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English -

Today we will look at acrostic poems.


  • Go through the PowerPoint attached below.
  • You are going to write an acrostic poem about your dad/ grandad or other father figure in your life.


Again, you can be as silly as you like (You could try to make your poem rhyme and/or include a simile).


You will find three modelled poem that I have written to help you.


We will be making a Father’s Day card tomorrow, so you can use your poem as an insert for your card.  You don’t have to decide to use this one as we will be writing different inserts each day for you to choose from.

Guided Reading - Today we will continue reading 'The Little Gingerbread Fox' by Jean Evans. Again, you will find questions on each slide. Please discuss these with your adult/brother/sister. There is no need to write down the answers although you can if you would like to.

Maths -

Today you will listen to one of the videos from yesterday before completing the paper based activity.

Get your clock face that you made yesterday.  As you watch the video, can you make the different times on your clock face then say what time it is? Afterwards, tell an adult the time you've made.  Remember to pause the video as you do so.

After you have finish watching the video, complete the paper based activity.

History - To compare two significant persons. 

What is the name of the significant person we learnt about over the past two weeks? Tell an adult/brother/sister.

If you said Charles Darwin, then you are correct. Well done!


Today we will be looking at another significant individual. Look at the picture below. 

Have a guess where this house is.

This house is in Grays.  It was built by another naturalist named Alfred Russell Wallace who had lots of great ideas about the natural world just as Charles Darwin did. The house still stands and is in Grays, beside the Grays Convent School. It was also once owned by the La Sainte Union nuns who own our school.  Wallace knew Charles Darwin.

This is a picture of Alfred Russell Wallace

With you adult/brother/sister watch the short commentary below narrated by David Attenborough about Alfred Russel Wallace.  As you listen think about the work of Alfred Wallace. Do you think his life be considered as significant as Darwin's? Why or why not?  


Sometimes people have memorials to remember the work that others have done.  Here is an exmaple of a Charles Darwin memorial.

After watching the commentary, use the template attached (or create your own) to create a memorial to Alfred Russel Wallace that could be placed at the Dell in Grays. Include why Wallace should be remembered.

Attenborough - The Forgotten Story of Alfred Russel Wallace