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English -

Well done on making notes on Charles Darwin.  I hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about him as well completing the 'get inquisitive' activities in the afternoons.  Today you are going to use your notes to help you plan a report about him.  


Take a few minutes to look back on your notes so far.  Use the plan template attached below to help you plan your report.  Remember this is your plan so you are putting your ideas down.  You can make bullet points and there is no need to write in full sentences.   Also, remember to read the heading carefully so you are putting the right information in the right heading.  We did lots of work on this in class.

Have fun!

Maths - L.O. To understand division as sharing.

Today we will revisit the /o/ (u) sound. Listen to this video then complete the paper based activity

P.E. Time to go on an adventure. Get up and be active!