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Thursday 2nd July

math worksheet

English - poem template

English - favourite sounds

R.E. sacrament of reconcilliation

Good morning my lovely St Jude, her are ytour lessons for today:

English -   Today we are going to continue with the poem The Mgic Box but I would like you to concentrate on all the amazing sounds we have around us.  This writing will help with our descriptive language.  Please write your own version of The Magic Box putting in all your favourite sounds.  Once you have completed your poem I would like you to get an adult to film you while you perform your poem.  I will upload some videos that we have done in school later today.  


It is about a magic box with objects in
- 4 stanzas saying what will go in the box
- 1 stanza ( verse)describing the box
- 1 stanza ( verse) describing what they will do with their box
- Repetition ' I will put into the box...'
- No syllable pattern or rhyming pattern

Maths - please see White Rose worksheet and the tutor video

Guided Reading - Oxford Reading Tree

Handwriting - please complete a page of your handwriting booklet

Times Tables- times tables Rock Stars

R.E. - L.O. The Sacrament of Reconciliation


One of the more formal ways of saying sorry to God is through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  It is sometimes called Confession or Penance.  It is in this Sacrament that Christians celebrate God’s love and mercy.  It helps them to think about their lives and how they are following Jesus and it gives them the opportunity to make a new start.


Look at the attachment for the sacrament of reconilliation


  1. The penitent (person confessing his/her sins), takes time to examine their conscience (life).  This means to think about the times they have not followed Jesus’ way of love and kindness.
  2. The priest welcomes the penitent, and they both make the Sign of the Cross.
  3. The penitent confesses (tells the priest his/her sins).
  4. The priest talks kindly to them and encourages them to do or say something to make up for what they have done wrong.  This is called a penance.
  5. The person then prays an act of sorrow, which includes the promise to try not to do the same again.
  6. The priest says the words of forgiveness and absolution.



  1. Why do you think this Sacrament is called ‘Reconciliation’?
  2. Why is Reconciliation important for everyone?
  3. What kind of things do you think the priest might say to the penitent?
  4. How do you think the person feels when they hear the words of forgiveness and absolution?
  5. What kind of things might a person do to make up for their sins?
  1. The person leaves the priest and prays and thanks God for forgiving them and completes the penance the priest has asked them to do.

Have a wonderful day and please email in your work and some photos so we can put them on the class page. smiley