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Guided Reading 21st May: Here is today's lesson. I have uploaded the text for you. Use it to answer the questions. Remember, if you email me your work, I will send it in. You could win a signed copy of the book.

Maths 21st May - L.O.: To compare lengths

R.E. Thursday 21st May - L.O.: To write about how rules help at home and at school.

We will revisit the story: 'Rules for Sport'  and the questions we used on Monday to help us write about rules at home and school.


  • What new rules did Robin learn?
  • Why were they important?
  • What do you think of David?
  • What made Robin happy?
  • What would have happened if Robin had not followed the rules when he played with the others?
  • Are there good and bad rules, give examples? (e.g. it might be rules made up by one person who is being bossy about their game.


In your book, write a letter/diary entry/poster to a friend explaining some of the rules we have at home, at school, in society.  You should include why these rules are important and give examples of good and bad rules.

In these uncertain and potentially worrying times, we can become overwhelmed and forget how great our God is. Listen to this song (you can sing along too) and have some time of quiet time of reflection and meditation.