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Holy Cross Catholic

Primary School

Building relationships with God and each other,
working hard in faith and hope to give our best in all things.

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Building relationships with God and each other,
working hard in faith and hope to give our best in all things.

Religious Education Statement

Religious Education


Religious Education is the foundation of all our teaching and learning and as such permeates the school curriculum and the whole life of the school. Religious Education is provided through positive Catholic teaching.


The teaching of Religious Education is based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools. Religious education is the core subject in a Catholic school and at least 10% of our curriculum time is dedicated to it.


Religious Education in a Catholic school is the comprehensive and systematic study of the mystery of God, of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the teachings of his Church, the central beliefs that Catholics hold, the basis for them and the relationship between faith and life; in a manner which encourages investigation and reflection by the pupils, develops the appropriate skills and attitudes and promotes free, informed and full response to God’s call in everyday life. In the words of the Curriculum Directory, the outcome of Catholic religious education ‘is religiously literate young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills -appropriate to their age and capacity- to think spiritually, ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life’. (p 10)


The Catechism of the Catholic Church addresses the search for meaning in life. God’s initiative in Revelation who comes to meet us, and our response of faith. (cf. CCC26) This pattern guides the structure of the ‘Come and See’ programme and informs the process of each topic, opened up through the methodology of: ‘Explore’, ‘Reveal’ and ‘Respond’.


The Religious Education programme ‘Come and See’ is used throughout the school. The programme is presented as a series of topics which draw on the children’s experience to present the teachings of the Church in a way which they can understand. Religious Education lessons are enriched with teaching about the Liturgical year with a special emphasis on the feast days and seasons of the Church. The children also look at the Jewish faith and Hinduism or Sikhism each year.


Children’s knowledge and understanding is deepened and strengthened through their participation in a variety of forms of Collective Worship throughout the school day and the school year. These include meditation, class prayer, assemblies, Masses, services of Reconciliation, Stations of the Cross, praying the Rosary and a May Procession in Honour of Our Lady. Parents are invited to join us in celebrating class assemblies and Masses throughout the school year.


For more information, please see Religious Education Policy and Collective Worship Policy.