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Thursday 22nd October

Our new topic is Belonging.


Questions to think about and discuss:

  • What groups or clubs do you belong to?
  • What do you do in the group?
  • How does it feel to belong to the group?
  • What helps people to feel that they belong?
  • How would someone know that you belong to the group? (e.g. by badges, uniform, special skills)
  • How can we help a new child in our class to feel that they belong?


Look at the pictures below and think about the questions:


  • Who can you see in the two pictures?
  • What are each of the people in the picture doing?
  • What is the first sacrament?

What is Baptism?

Have you been Baptised?


Do you have photos, certificates, candles, cards, clothing, shawls? Discuss what happened at your baptism.  

Ep5-The sacrament of baptism

"Born Into the Kingdom - The Miracle of Baptism" Preview from the Catholic children's animation "Brother Francis" Episode 5.

Friday 23rd October


Watch the videos and think about these questions:

  • What does the priest ask the parents at the beginning of the baptism celebration?
  • What does everyone listen to at a baptism?
  • Why is the Good News of God’s love is read at baptism?
  • What are the words the priest uses when he baptises someone?

Can you describe what happens during the sacrament of Baptism?

Can you write some sentences about what happens during Baptism?  What do you remember?