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Monday 8th June

Monday maths worksheet

Example of a persuasive letter

Features of a persuasive letter to identify

Good morning St Jude, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Here are your lessons for today:

English - We are now going to look at persuasive letter writing.  There is an example for you to find the key features.  If you can't print the table then just write down the headings and then find the evidence.

Maths - White Rose, please see the tutor video and worksheet.

Reading - Please complete a page of your comprehension book

handwriting - Please complete a page of your handwriting booklet


History - 

Please have a look at the old photos

Look at each picture and write some sentences. 

Where and when was it taken?

What does the picture show?

What has stayed the same?

What has changed?

Old Photos of South Ockendon