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English - This week we will begin to look at our new book: Meerkat Mail.

Please go through the explanation attached below.  You will also find out about what today's activity is.

Maths - To help children understand telling the time, it is important that they are able to describe movement. Over the next few days, we'll be looking at movement to help the children have a better understanding of this. Watch the video before attempting the paper based activity.

R.E. - L.O. : To create a poem about peace.

To finish off our topic on 'Rules' we will look on what the Bible teaches us about peace. 

This is what Jesus says in St. John’s gospel:

This is what Jesus wants us to do.  To love one another just as he loved us.


Some questions to discuss:

  • What do you think this means?
  • How did Jesus show his love for all the people he met?
  • What would happen if we all kept that rule? What would the world be like?
  • How can we try to be more like Jesus?


We must remember that it is good to make up and to try not to let it happen again when we have wronged someone. When we go to Mass, just after we have all said the Our Father we give each other a Sign of Peace to show we are or want to be friends with one another.


  1. Listen and sing along to 'Peace Perfect Peace' below.  As you listen think about what peace means to you.
  2. You are going to write an acrostic poem about peace.  Remember to spell PEACE vertically and in capital letters.

Here is an example:

Praying together 


Always living in harmony

Caring about

Each other.

Peace, Perfect Peace, Is The Gift Of Christ Song Lyrics Video - Divine Hymns