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Monday 4th July

Math worksheet

English - powerpoint

Good morning St Jude, I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, here are your lessons for the day:

English - We are going to continue with poetry as we can be really creative.

We are going to write Kennings

Steps to Success

I know what a kenning is

I can write a list of verbs

I can create a kenning poem

A kenning is a way of describing something, using clues rather than just saying what it is. Each line is two words long. The word kenning comes from a Viking phrase which means: "to express a thing in terms of another“ It is like a ‘mini riddle’ used to describe something. They use verbs to describe. Can you think of 10 verbs?

Look at the power point on Kennings

Try writing your own kenning.

• use animals as your starting point 

Think about what the animal/object does,

create a list of verbs that relate to them

Maths -  see White Rose worksheet and tutor video

Comprehension -  see the attachment above

Times tables - please log on to times tables Rock Stars

Handwriting - please complete a page of your handwriting book

Geography - 


Go to

Follow the instructions on the sheets below.  Pick your favourite activity and compete a task or two.