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English - This week we will be focussing on Father's Day

Next Sunday, the 21st of June will be Father's Day. This is a special day of celebration, recognising dads, grandads and other father figures in our lives.  This is the day for us to say thank you to our fathers.  As a result, we will be reading different books and poems about fathers then make our own poems.


  1. Today you will be listening to a reading of 'The Gruffalo's Child'.  Before listening to the story, please read the information the PowerPoint attached. You need to discuss the question with your adult/brother/sister.  There is no need to record your answers, just discuss them.
  2. Watch the video of The Gruffalo's Child. 
  3. Think about your Dad/Grandad/special male in your life.  Use the attached template to describe them.

We will be making a Father’s Day card on Friday, so you can use your descriptions as an insert for your card.  You don’t have to decide to use this one as we will be writing different inserts each day for you to choose from.

Read this before listening to the story

The Gruffalo's Child - After discussing the questions, listen to the story

Guided Reading - This week we will be reading 'The Little Gingerbread Fox' by Jean Evans. You will find questions on each slide. Please discuss these with your adult/brother/sister. There is no need to write down the answers although you can if you would like to.

Phonics - We are still revising our /o/ sound. Today we are using our /o (u)/ sound to complete sentences. Listen to this video again then complete the paper based activity

To recognise and use odd and even numbers

R.E. - L.O. : To write a sorry prayer.

We are going to look back on what we learnt about forgiving last week. Remember that the friends of Jesus asked him about forgiving people who had hurt them. Peter thought it would be good to forgive them seven times and that would be quite hard to do. Peter was surprised when Jesus told him that you have to keep on forgiving, but he did say  that the person who had done wrong should say sorry and really mean it. Let us remind ourselves about what Jesus told Peter in St. Matthew 18: 21-22  about forgiving:

Sometimes we even hurt our friends, family or God so we need to say sorry and really mean it.  Look at the picture below.  Who do you think has done wrong?  Who should say sorry?

Some questions: 

  • Is it harder to say sorry or to forgive others?
  • How do you feel when you say sorry?
  • What must you do if someone has hurt you?
  • How do you know when someone is really sorry?

Before completing today's task, have a quiet reflection by reading the sorry prayer below.  Reflect on a time that you have hurt some and had to say sorry.  Did you say sorry?  In your own way say a sorry pray to God and ask for his forgiveness.


Make up a sorry prayer : beginning: Dear God I am sorry for...

 Remember to end your prayer with 'Amen'