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English - To continue to make notes on Charles Darwin.

Monday -  Wednesday this week, we will continue to make notes on Charles Darwin.  These notes will help you on Thursday and Friday when you'll be writing your report on him.


Read chapter 6 - Darwin the Investigator.  This is the text for Guided Reading.  Add any interesting new fact in you notebook. You also need to answer the first three questions in your notebook.

Remember to also glue natural things you have found while completing you 'Get Inquisitive' activity in the afternoons.


Guided Reading - Again, you might want to take turns reading the text with your adult/brother/sister. You need to answer the first three questions in your notebook then discuss the rest of the questions with your adult/brother/sister.

L.O. Using and applying the 2 times-table

R.E. / World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day - The oceans are one of the most precious gifts that God has given to us.  We have the responsibility of looking after them.

Below, you will find a PowerPoint that explains the uses of the Oceans and what is happening to them at the moment, but most importantly, how we can play our part in looking after and caring for them.  After going through the PowerPoint complete the following tasks:


1. Watch the Blue Planet video (link below).
2. After that, you are going to have a reflective moment with God. Play the song ‘All things bright and beautiful’. As you listen, close your eyes and reflect on the beautiful world God has given us.
3. When you have finished listening to the song, write a prayer to God, explaining how you promise to help look after the oceans and ask him to help you. 

All Things Bright And Beautiful by Kidzup with lyrics

Have fun outdoors. Can you spot any seeds? How have they been dispersed?