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Monday 22nd June

Good Morning and happy Monday.  This week we are all Disney Imagineers. Some people might be a little bit smarter than I am, bigger and stronger too...but that doesn't matter.  Which Disney film is this lyric from?


Everything you need to know - the task and tutorial videos can be found on the website below.  Today you are going to complete - Lesson 1 Exercises 1-5 only.  You will complete the rest of the tasks tomorrow.

Try and be as creative as you can be.


Day 1 & 2 - Lesson 1: Build your own world

This lesson addresses the question: where do you want to go? It introduces the idea of experiential storytelling and the difference between an amusement park and a theme park. We’ll explore how storytelling and theme impact every decision made in the design of a land and how they engage all senses.

You'll walk out of this lesson with a theme and high concept for a land of your own design along with a mood board and map that conveys the land.

Material requirements: All activities can be done with physical materials found at home.

Time requirement: 6 hours minimum (Monday and Tuesday's lessons which would be at least 3 hours each day but the amount of time you take is entirely up to you).


Exercise 1: Your own land


Tips for this lesson

We suggest you use a notebook to hold your work throughout the activities in this lesson and write your answers in the form that feels most natural to you, whether using words, visuals or both.

Let’s begin!


Imagine you are asked to design and build a land of your own. You could create a place you’ve dreamed of visiting (like a distant planet), a fictional place you imagined (like a cartoon land) or a story you want to bring to life (could be from your favorite movie or book).

Question 1: What kind of land will you create?

  • You can come up with many ideas and pick your favorite later.
  • What is the name of the land?

Question 2: What is a story that takes place in this world?

  • What do you imagine happening in this world?
  • How do you want this world to make people feel?


Exercise 2: Theme


Question 1: Think of one of your favorite stories…it could be from a book, movie, play, game or anything else.

  • In a few words, what is the story really about?
  • What is the main lesson or take-away from the story?
  • What emotions and feelings did it create in you?

Question 2: Return to the land you were imagining in the previous exercise.

  • What do you imagine it feels like to be in your land?
  • What do you imagine people might learn when visiting your land?
  • What do you want them to think about after leaving your land?


Exercise 3: Layout


Below is an example of a map of Pirate’s Lair. It contains the key attractions, walkways and important structures. Notice how the theme of the land (adventure, discovery and danger) is reflected in the layout and design (treasure map style with winding paths, unknown areas and hints of danger)


Activity: Start a rough draft of a map for your own land. Don’t worry if you don’t have the whole land planned out yet. You can leave a lot of blanks for future ideas. Focus more on the style of your map, what it looks and feels like.


Exercise 4: Building design


Below are some actual research photos that were taken during the development of Treasure Cove. The pictures were taken to demonstrate the aged, overgrown look of the buildings in the park.


Activity: Find or take some reference images which look similar to the buildings you imagine in your own land (you can also sketch designs if you can’t find references.)


Exercise 5: Landscape and plant life design


Below are some images taken of the landscape in Pandora and Cars Land.

Question: What does the plant life tell you about the land and how does it make you feel?

Activity: Find one or more reference images for both the plant life and landscape of your land.

  • How do these images reflect the theme and story of your land?
  • If you’d like to create new plants, which don’t exist on earth, provide a sketch!


Remember to share your creations with us at


If you do not want to take part in this activity you can carry out the week 9 activities on Purple Mash.