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Today you will apply your knowledge of Properties of shapes to answer questions. Please also log on to Purple Mash and complete the 2D activity for maths today

Guided Reading:

For guided read this week, you will access a you tube link each day to read and complete activities on the book: Worm, Slug, Maggot and Leech by Polly Walker.  She is running a competition and if you complete the work each day and send it to me, I will send it to her and you could win your own signed copy of this book!

For today's task, we will look at the main vocabulary in the text so that we can fully understand it when we read each day.

The you tube link and the vocabulary task are below.

Task: Read each word.  Explain what they mean to an adult/brother/sister.  Can you act out what each word means? Why not have a go using each one in a sentence.  A picture of the four characters is also included.

Listen to the video before completing the paper based activities.

R.E. Monday 18th - We will start our new topic: Rules

Below is a story about 'Rules for Sport' read it and then discuss the questions with your adult/brother/sister.


  • What new rules did Robin learn?
  • Why were they important?
  • What do you think of David?
  • What made Robin happy?
  • What would have happened if Robin had not followed the rules when he played with the others?
  • Are there good and bad rules, give examples? (e.g. it might be rules made up by one person who is being bossy about their game.)


In your book, create a mind map and write  what you know about rules. After, make a list of at least four rules you have at home and say why these rules are necessary.