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General Curriculum Statement

General Curriculum Statement

At Holy Cross we believe that the curriculum we teach our children should be broad and balanced, offering children the opportunity to achieve success in many different areas. We seek to strengthen those human and Christian values that parents will have taught their children during their early years. Gospel values influence everything that goes on in the classroom and throughout the school.


We understand that children learn best when logical connections are made between different aspects of their work and we endeavour to make these links where possible. Learning experiences provided by the teacher aim to be both meaningful and challenging, and seek to build on children’s existing knowledge and conceptual understanding. Skills already acquired are reinforced through a wide range of activities.


Children are encouraged to see themselves as active participants in their own learning. They are encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards themselves, their work and towards others.


Learning is facilitated through sensitive intervention on the part of the teacher, who actively seeks to promote co-operation, independence and self-discipline so that each child feels confident and secure within the learning environment.


We support our children in becoming ‘aspirational’ in order to make the most of their learning opportunities. Holy Cross believes in an active partnership between school, pupil and home to support the children in their learning journey.


We aim for our children to:


  • Know God, to recognise His presence in every human being and all of creation
  • Develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning
  • Reflect on their learning and seek to extend themselves mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Persevere and learn from their mistakes
  • Have high expectations and self-belief to enable them to fulfil their potential
  • Be equipped with the skills to fully participate in an ever changing world
  • Be respectful and productive members of the community
  • Have the courage and confidence to take calculated risks


Although our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, there are other planned opportunities throughout the year to make up the wider curriculum. Children have the opportunity to develop their skills through curriculum focused weeks, which will culminate in sharing assemblies or exhibition events, to which parents are invited.


We teach the subjects of the National Curriculum both discretely and through topics which are carefully planned, in order to ensure they cover the key skills of the National Curriculum.

We keep records of the children’s individual progress. These are based on observations and teacher assessments as well as on formal assessments of progress at the end of each key stage.(Reception; Yr2; Yr6)


Please find below copies of our National Curriculum 2014 Curriculum Maps for each key phase alongside the Curriculum Statements for different subjects.