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English - Today you will write a diary entry about how you are feeling about moving to year 3.

Please go through the explanation attached below then write your diary entry in your book.

Maths - Today you will apply your knowledge of 'measures' to answer questions.

P.E. - It's our virtual Sports Day today!!!

As you are not in school, we'll be hosting a virtual Sports Day.  This means you are going to take part in some activities at home, record the amount of each activity that you have completed then your grown up will email me the record of how many of each activity you have completed and photographs of you completing the challenges.   We will then count up all the points and announce the winning (come on St Andrews we cam do it!!! smiley).  


Most of all, I want you to have fun.  It would be great if your family could join in too.


I have attached the activities that I would like you to participate in as well as the instructions and a score sheet below.


Please send in your photographs by Monday as we will create a montage for our school website.


Have fun!!!