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Phonics - This week we will revise the 'a' grapheme that gives the /o/ sound.

Remember: The letters 'a' grapheme sometimes make /o/sound.  Below you will find a video that reminds you of some words that has the /o/  phoneme.  Did you enjoy completing the crossword puzzle yesterday?

I have also attached the week's daily phonics activities.  T Once you have watched the video, complete Day 4 activity. Have fun writing how Tricky Witch has changed party bags into something else.

Phonics - To revise the 'a' grapheme that gives the /o/ sound.

English - Today you will make revisions, editions and improve your fact file from yesterday.

Please go through the explanation attached below.  

Guided Reading - Go through the explanations then answer the questions in your book.

Maths- To measure mass in kilograms