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Friday 5th June

High Five Friday!

We hope you've all had a great week.  Keep emailing your work to us:


As you have been working so hard writing at length this week, we thought you would enjoy a poetry session.  We will be reading and writing Haiku poems.  Have you ever read Haiku Poetry? Watch the following video to find out how to write this type of poetry:


Read the two poems below.  You could use the pictures on the sheet to write your own Haiku poem or you could look out of your window and use the nature that surrounds you. 

Good Luck!

Guided Reading

  • Read the text and answer the questions in full sentences.
  • Remember to read the question twice to understand what it is asking. 
  • Underline key words in the question that will help you to find what you are looking for in the text.
  • Some questions use fact retrieval which means you must find and fetch information by skimming and scanning for answers.
  • Some questions use inference which means that you have to use what you have read to come to a conclusion and form an opinion by reading between the lines. 
  • For extra marks, provide evidence from the text to back up points.  



Click the link to find this Friday's Challenge. Lesson 5.

History & Geography


We can learn so much about the past just by looking at photographs. These photos were taken in South Ockendon years ago.



Look at each picture and write some sentences. 

Where and when was it taken?

What does the picture show?

What has stayed the same?

What has changed?