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Phonics - This week we will revise the /ey/ phoneme.

Remember: The letters 'ey' make the long e (ee) sound.  Below you will find a video that reminds you of some words that has the /ey/  phoneme.  Did you enjoy finding words with the /ey/ phoneme?

I have attached this week's daily paper based phonics activities again.  Once you have watched the video, complete Day 4 activity. Have fun writing a list of all the /ey/ items that Green Froggy has on her birthday list,

Phonics - To revise the /ey/ sound.

English - Today we will use our plans from yesterday to write our diary entry as Sunny when he leave home.

Please go through the explanation attached below.  You will also find a modelled example to help you.

Guided Reading - Go through the explanations then answer the questions in your book.

Maths - To work out duration of time.

Today you will need the clock face that you made last week to help you.


There are 60 minutes in one hour.

Half of 60 is 30 so there are 30 minutes in half hour.

To find a quarter I find half then half the half.  So half of 60 is 30. Half of 30 is 15. So there are 15 minutes in quarter of an hour.

There are 60 minutes in one hour and 30 minutes in half of an hour.  I know that 60 + 30 = 90 so there are 90 minutes in one and a half hours.

Use you clock face to show these times to your adult/brother/sister.

You will need the clock face to help you with the paper based activities.

Below you will find a video to help you.  

To work out duration of time.

Have fun working out with Coco the Butterfly!