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Friday 3rd July

English - Read Friday's instructions and visit Purple Mash

Spelling/Guided Reading

Spelling - Complete the spelling word search, which is attached above. After you have done that, get someone to test you on your spellings from this week.


Guided Reading - Complete a comprehension in your workbook or use Oxford Reading Buddy.

Year 5 - Week 9 - Lesson 3 - Multiply decimals by 10 100 and 1000

Today in RE, you will need to read the Powerpoint attached above. Then discuss and answer the questions below:


  • What does it mean to say that 'poor choices about how we treat other living things cause life to be less than God intends'?
  • How are the people of Cabrican helping themselves, others and the environment?
  • What do you think the consequences will be if we do not care for the world?
  • How can we make people more aware of the consequences of their choices?
  • How does the understanding that we are all called to be stewards of creation shape the lives of believers?


Task - Write a letter to your parents showing why it is important for all the children in our school to be stewards of the school environment and give suggestions about how we can work together to make changes.