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English/History -

Today you are going to use your plan from yesterday to help you write a report on Charles Darwin.

I have attached an example of my report to help you.  


Take a few minutes to look back on your plan from yesterday.  As you are writing up your report you will need to remember to:

  • Use your plan from yesterday to help you
  • Use neat, cursive handwriting
  • Use heading and sub-headings
  • Write in full sentences
  • Use the correct punctuation
  • When you are finished, reread and work and make any necessary corrections

Phonics - Today we be focussing on Grammar in Phonics. We are still revising our /o/ sound. Listen to this video again then complete the paper based activity

Maths - L.O. To understand division as grouping.

Art - This is linked to our work on Charles Darwin.

Go for a walk again.  On your walk, look closely on different leaves then choose one green leaf.  You will be using the one green leaf in art today.

I have six activities below.  Choose a different activity (or two) to the one you chose last week .  Please remember to email photos of your work.