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Friday 19th June

Hi Five Friday!


I hope you have had a good week.  We are looking forward to seeing your hard work. Keep the emails coming in to:



Well done for all your writing at length.  We thought you would enjoy some poetry today.  We were very pleased with your Haiku poems. Today we are going to try to write Kennings. These poems are like riddles, they describe something without saying what it is. Read the presentation and the model poem and have a go at writing your own poem about an animal.  If you would rather write about something else that's fine, just follow the instructions. 


Guided Reading

Today I would like you to answer this question first. 

If you could be friends with any character in a book, who would it be and why?


Read the Viking poem and answer the questions in full sentences. 



Follow the link and find the lesson for today.


Play TT Rockstars



Today you are going to revise the topic of Greece.  Please follow the login instructions on the sheet to choose an activity to complete.