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Friday 10th July

Sports Day today!!

Today is our sports day. Please see the information attached above under the whole school challenge section of our school webpage. These are all activities which you can do at home and please take lots of photographs and send them to the class email. Have fun!

English - Read Friday's instructions and visit Purple Mash

Spelling/Guided Reading

Spelling - Complete the spelling word search, which is attached above. After you have done that, get someone to test you on your spellings from this week.


Guided Reading - Complete a comprehension in your workbook or use Oxford Reading Buddy.

Year 5 - Week 10 - Lesson 4 - Calculating angles around a point


In RE today, first, I want you to look at the picture and answer the questions that are written on it.

Then, read the piece of text below:


The boy in the picture lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a vast country in the centre of Africa. In his hand is a small piece of gold.  Lots of people see gold as a symbol of wealth and power.  It is used in everything from jewellery to food and aircraft engines to computers. 

But gold has done little to reduce poverty in developing countries and is often linked to fighting.  Gold mining can harm the environment and cause lots of problems for people living near mines.  Sometimes the deadly chemicals that are used to get the gold out of the rock, gets into the water supply and people get very sick. 

Children often work in the mines.  A teacher from a mining area explains how this affects them:  “The Government has not paid teachers here for years.  So I just get $30 a month out of the school fees paid by parents.  The school is for six to twelve year olds.  It costs the parents one dollar per child, per month.  Many children leave school and start mining because they can’t afford the fees.  Some of them even mine after school.  Each year we have lots of children at the beginning but after a while, fewer and fewer come.  The parents all want to educate their children but they are helpless.”


Isaiah 1:17 - Learn to do good;see that justice is done,

                  help those who are oppressed,

                  give orphans their rights and defend widows.


After reading the piece of text above, answer and discuss the questions below:


  • How is CAFOD living up to the responsibility of being good stewards of all the resources God has entrusted to us in the story of Gold Mining?
  • How do CAFOD's beliefs and values influence your thinking and actions?
  • What do you think God meant when he gave the message to Isaiah; learn to do good?
  • Who are the people mentioned in this scripture passage as needing care? Why do you think they need help?
  • How would you apply the passage from Isaiah to the story about gold mining?


Task - Create a poster that informs people why Christians feel it is important to steward God's creation wisely. Include some scripture passages.