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Friday 12th June

English - Read Friday's instructions and visit Purple Mash

Spelling/Guided Reading

Spelling - Complete the spelling word search, which is attached above. After you have done that, get someone to test you on your spellings from this week.


Guided Reading - Complete a comprehension in your workbook or use Oxford Reading Buddy.

Today's RE lesson is based on Matthew 5:1-17. These are called the Beatitudes - they are eight blessings recounted by Jesus. Answer and discuss the following questions:


  • Which Beatitude do you like best and why, what effect would it have on you and others?
  • In what way are the Beatitudes different from the Ten Commandments?
  • How does what Jesus says link to Isaiah’s advice from the previous lesson?
  • How does Jesus want us to live? 
  • How will we be rewarded for living in this way? 


Task - Create Beatitude cards using the text from the Scripture above and put them into your own words. Use bright colours and neat handwriting and include an image for each one. Here is an example below of one I found online: 

Picture 1

I am the Bread of Life

Well done for another completed week of home learning. End your week by relaxing for a few minutes, whilst listening to this hymn. Reflect on your week and think about what you can continue to do, to be the best you can be. Have a great weekend and keep up the great work!