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Friday 12th June

High Five Friday!


Good Morning! I hope you are all feeling good and well. Don't forget to email your work:



Today we thought you would enjoy some GPS work.  Well done for all your hard work during the week, we hope you have enjoyed the longer writing tasks.  Read the presentation about determiners and have a go at the tasks. 


Guided Reading

I would like you to think about this question and write the answer in your book. 

If you could change the ending of one book that you have read, what would it be and why?


Complete the comprehension task about Palm Oil.

Remember these tips when answering questions:

  • Read the question twice
  • WWW - Who? What? Where?
  • Find the right page/section
  • Skim and scan the area for the key information
  • Read around the information
  • Check - does it make sense




Find the daily lesson for today.  Lesson 5, 12th June


TT Rockstars

Geography & History


Historians use documents to find out about the past.  One type of important document is a Census.  

I would like you to find out what this is and write a sentence in your book. 


The following pictures show an original Census and a clearly written Census.  Use the clear Census to answer these questions.

  1. Where was the Census taken? (What road and parish?)
  2. Who is the oldest person?
  3. Who is the youngest person?
  4. What do you think a scholar does?  (Use the age as a clue)
  5. How many people were born in South Ockendon?


Can you find South Ockendon on a map using google?  Name 5 streets in South Ockendon.