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Guided Reading: Friday 22nd. Well done on all your hard work this week! Today, you are going to write a book review of Slug, Worm, Maggot and Leech. Remember to colour in the number of stars to show how much you liked it! If you colour in five starts, it shows that you like it alot! One star means you didn't really like it!

Maths 22nd May - L.O.: To order lengths

Art Friday 22nd May - Our Art will be linked to our learning about the Galapagos Islands.

This week we will continue to draw animals that can only be found on the Galapagos Island.  Here are some of them again as a reminder:

Task: Choose a different animal and then have a go drawing it.  Look at their various features. What shapes can you see? Draw an outline first then fill in the details.  Below is a link that will help you.  Of course, you can draw as many as you like!

Remember to email your work.  Have fun!