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Holy Cross Catholic

Primary School

Building relationships with God and each other,
working hard in faith and hope to give our best in all things.

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Building relationships with God and each other,
working hard in faith and hope to give our best in all things.

Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects




In History, children explore the past using primary and secondary sources of evidence (artefacts, video clips, written accounts and other sources of evidence). Children are encouraged to ask questions about the past and to understand how our present lives are shaped by past events. High quality History education helps pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. During the course of the year all children study an element of British history as well as other world history. Over time they develop their sense of chronology.




In Geography the teachers aim to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. They are encouraged to develop a sense of identity and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. They are offered opportunities to study both physical and human elements of Geography at a local, national and global level.


Art and Design


Through this area of the curriculum we provide a range of art, craft and design activities. Art is taught as a subject in its own right and through other subjects in the curriculum. We aim for the children to develop the confidence and ability to express themselves creatively and imaginatively. Children have opportunities to improve their mastery of different techniques including drawing, painting and sculpture, using a wide range of materials.


Design and Technology (D.T)


DT lessons provide opportunities for children to develop both practical and creative skills. They are taught the basic skills of construction, the safe handling of tools and the design skills necessary to produce quality products. Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology, they develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world.




Music skills are taught through the ‘Musical School Programme’. The children develop their understanding, make musical judgements, apply their new learning, develop their aural memory, express themselves physically, emotionally and through discussion they create their own musical ideas. The wide range of core resources has been developed specifically to motivate and capture each individual’s personal interest. The children not only learn about music, they become musicians who are able to share and perform using their new skills. Over time, children develop an understanding of the history of music.


In the past the children have had the opportunity to perform at the O2 Arena as part of the young Voices Choir, as well as taking part in the Thurrock Junior and Infant Music Festivals.


Extra-curricular Music


Children have the opportunity to learn a range of instruments through the Thurrock Music services. This tuition is provided by peripatetic music tutors and parents have to pay for this service.

Children can join choir club which is provided for free.


Physical Education (P.E)


We aim to foster positive attitudes towards P.E. We promote skills of co-operation, teamwork and fair play. The children are taught to apply these within their lessons as well as the specific skills involved in dance, gymnastics, netball, football, cricket and athletics. They are taught to play competitive games which are modified where appropriate, and apply basic principles for ‘attacking; and ‘defending.’


Children in Years 3 & 4 have weekly swimming lessons for one term at a local swimming pool.


Extra- curricular P.E:


Children in Upper KS2 have the opportunity to become sports leaders to support children in KS1 during lunchtimes. The football and netball teams consisting of children from years 5 & 6 take part in the Thurrock schools’ leagues and we compete in the district athletics competition. There are also opportunities to play friendly matches with local schools


Modern Foreign Languages


The chosen language at Holy Cross is French and this is explicitly taught in KS2. In their study of a modern foreign language, children should foster a curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. Children will learn to express their thoughts and ideas in French and be able to respond through speaking and listening and in reading and writing.




Although P.S.H.E is no longer a statutory requirement, it still forms an integral and important part of the curriculum at Holy Cross. Pupils are helped to develop confidence, a sense of responsibility and make the most of their abilities. They are encouraged to be active citizens; they are encouraged to lead healthier, safer lifestyles and taught to develop good relationships and respect differences between people.


Sex and Relationships Education (S.R.E)


S.R.E is part of the process of growth of the whole person to Christian maturity. S.R.E encourages a caring environment which is essential to the development of positive self-esteem, where everybody knows that they are loved by God and are lovable. It provides valuable attitudes and knowledge about relationships, the nature of sexuality and our physical nature. The school has a responsibility to educate the children in sex and relationships education in a balanced and objective way in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church. We use approved Catholic schemes: ‘Journey in Love’ from Nursery to Year 6 and in Years 5&6 this is supplemented by ‘All that I Am’ materials.


Please see Governors’ Statement on Sex and Relationships Education in the policy section.


Wider Curricular Opportunities


At Holy Cross we seek to enhance educational experiences in as many ways as possible. Children will have opportunities to go on trips/visits to support their curriculum topics.


The school is involved with safety initiatives such as Kerbcraft, Bikeability and Crucial Crew. Visitors such as local Fire Officers and Policemen further support the PSHE curriculum.


Partnerships with other local schools allow our pupils to establish new relationships and work across the curriculum with other children from different backgrounds.


Year 6 children have the opportunity to attend a week long residential trip in Osmington Bay where they get to pursue outward bound and adventurous activities.