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Children’s Commissioners Takeover Day


The children’s commissioners take over day


On the 21st of November the school council found out about the children’s commissioners take over day. We did some research about the subject and we found out a lot of information about it such as we had to take over the teachers jobs. Also we had a debate over this particular subject and made the decision about the specific members of the school council and what their jobs would be.


On the day we had an assembly advising the pupils of the school about the jobs we would be doing, why we would do them and what the whole children’s commissioners take over day was about. We each had different schedules for the jobs we had been given. I had lots of fun experiencing what if feels like to be a teacher and an office administrator.


Next we went to our classrooms that we were going to teach in and we taught the class how to make decisions and got them to draw a picture of them doing a job that they would like to do around the school EG. Cook, teacher or head teacher. After that I went to the office and I was surprised at how busy  they were, I had to stamp books and count out all the dinners and give them to the cook. It was an action packed day and I think everyone enjoyed it. Over all it was a very fun day.


By Luke Woods

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Friday 21st November 2014

Holy Cross School Council will be taking over different roles in the school throughout the day.


Role Time School Council Member
Head Teacher Various times throughout the day Adeaja White
Assistant Head Teacher All morning Favor Osazee
Office Manager 10:00-10:30am and 1:15-1:45pm Charis Tetteh and Molly Cornwell
Admin Assistants 10:45-11:15am and 2:00-2:30pm Elyse Watts and Luke Woods
Caretaker 9:30-10:00am and 2:00-3:05pm Isaiah Obende and Pharrell Galloway
Teaching Assistant KS1


(Class ½)

10:45-12:00pm Hutiny Efe
Teaching Assistant KS2


(Class 4)

10:45-12:25pm Ben-Nii Quarshie and Molly Cornwell
Midday Supervisor KS1 12:00-12:45pm Alexandra Eke, Oluwaseun Olusanya, Joshua Famijuro
Midday Supervisor KS2 12:25-12:45pm Michelle Agyemang and Aj Carpio
Midday Supervisor Dinner Hall 12:00-12:30pm




Mikel Orabuche, Praise Akinfe, Adesua Aideloje


Michelle Agyemang and Aj Carpio

Class 1 Teacher 1:30-2:15pm Luke Woods, Madison Downs, Michelle Agyemang
Class ½ Teacher 1:30-2:15pm Elyse Watts, Favor Osazee, Aj Carpio
Interviewers 10:30-11:00am Madison Downs, Charis Tetteh and Charlie Reece with


Immanuel Olugbode, Fathia Egunjobi, Justin Wang, Freya Hudson,


Favor Osazee, Luke Woods and Adeaja White will be organising the day.