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Boredom Beaters

Here are a few ideas of things to do: 

  • Use newspaper to scrunch up into a ball and play rubbish bin basketball, catch or 'keepy uppy'
  • Blow up a balloon, (don't tie the end) but let it go and try to catch it!
  • Collect empty boxes and cardboard tubes to use as building blocks or make junk models.
  • Write tricky words, sounds, shapes, numbers (anything really ) on to sticky notes or scraps of paper and stick around your home. Go on a hunt to see who can find them, say them or write. You could remove some and try to work out the ones that are missing.
  • make a den or fort using blankets and pillows
  • act out your favourite book
  • play charades using your favourite movies or fairy tales
  • have a pillow fight
  • play hide and seek but use a soft toy instead of yourself
  • cut the end off a root vegetable (e.g. carrot) and put it in a shallow bowl of water and see if it grows