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Assessment Changes

As you may be aware, the government introduced a brand new National Curriculum this year for all maintained schools.


The new National Curriculum is not significantly different to the previous one but there are some changes to when certain concepts and objectives are introduced in Maths and English.  Some areas of study in the other subjects such as History and Design Technology have also changed.  The full National Curriculum can be found at and if you would like to see how we have distributed all the statutory learning requirements in our school please  look at our Curriculum Map and Curriculum Statements which can be found in ‘Curriculum’ section of our website.


As well as introducing a new curriculum, the government has also made radical changes to assessment by completely removing levels.  This means that all schools across the country will have to develop their own assessment systems. Children in year 2 and 6 will be assessed against the  End of Key Stage expectations and the results of these will be reported to parents. Supporting information will accompany these results to help parents understand the new assessment information.


For other pupils, we have introduced a system of assessment that compares and describes learning outcomes with the curriculum for their age group. Children are being assessed against age related expectations for the end of the academic year. The emphasis in the new curriculum is on breadth and depth of study and being able to apply skills across a range of matters rather than just going through levels hierarchically.


The majority of children will be assessed as being at some stage within their year group band but where pupils are working significantly above or below average children of their age, other year group objectives are used, for example a more able year 4 child may be taught from the year 5 curriculum.


Children will be assessed in terms of the year group’s curriculum they are on and then ‘b’ for beginning or ‘b+’; ‘w’ for within or ‘w+’; or ‘s’ for secure or ‘s+’.


Over the coming year we will keep you informed of your child’s achievement during parent consultation evenings and the usual written report at the end of the school year.  We will mainly explain their learning in terms of the curriculum objectives rather than levels or steps.  Having said that, we are using an electronic tracking system that allows us to carry out ‘big picture’ analysis of the school and to ensure that we continue on our journey of upward trend in pupil achievement.


Thank you as always for your continued support; if you have any questions regarding curriculum or assessment please do not hesitate to contact the school to make an appointment with the Head Teacher or a senior member of staff.