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Class Attendance

National attendance target figure 95%+      Holy Cross Target 98%

Attendance for week ending 15th February 2019

St Francis of Assisi Class (Reception)            97.1%

St Peter's Class (Year 1)                                   94.8%

St. Anthony's Class (Year 2)                             99.2%

St. Jude's Class (Year 3)                                   98.6%

St. Therese of Lisieux (Year 4)                         98.2%

St Cecilia's Class (Year 5)                                 97.1%

St. Clare's Class (Year 5/6)                                98.8%

St John the Baptist's Class (year 6)                 98.7% 




Its great to see 4 classes on or above our challenging target of 98%. 




Congratulations to the winners of Punctuality Pup with least/ no lates:

 For week ending 15th February 2019

KS2            St Jude

KS1            St Francis of Assisi